Matrix Token Agency

We create tokens that represent your brand

Cryptocurrency tokens are not just about being a meme or a way to make money. They are unique marketing tools that, if used correctly, can potentially benefit your business financially and increase your brand’s exposure. We understand that your brand is extremely important to you. It’s our job to create a cryptocurrency token experience that helps expand and strengthens your brand. Our token creation process gives us the ability to stay within SEC guidelines so we can operate legally in the United States. When we meet with you, we listen intently to your needs and concerns.


It may be a technical process but we've got you covered

Cryptocurrency is complicated and can be difficult to understand. Some think it’s a scam because they do not see the value in it. There’s no magic tricks here. We understand you have questions and doubts. We show you how a cryptocurrency token can be of value to you. No need to worry about cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. You do need them but that’s where we can help. We can list your newly created cryptocurrency token and manage your wallet; if you like. We are transparent and will always provide statements and documents regarding your cryptocurrency token. We don’t hide in the shadows. We are located in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. 

Note: Matrix Token Agency is not a financial consultant nor advisor. Speak with your financial advisor before contacting us with interest in creating a cryptocurrency token. There are no financial guarantees of increase or success in creating a cryptocurrency token.

Whether It's Cryptocurrency Or NFTs We've Got You Covered


In the sports arena, cryptocurrency can revolutionize how an athlete can grow his or her brand by using cryptocurrency in multiple ways to gain exposure. One such way are NFTs which look like trading cards. Whenever these NFTs change hands by way of purchase you get cryptocurrency from those purchases.

Whether you are in college or the pros, a token is worth taking a look at. Give us a call and let's talk.


Fans love their favorite musicians. For a time, the best way a musician could repay them was with great performances, autographs, and personal appearances. With your own personal cryptocurrency tokens, now those experiences can be brought into the 21st century. Now you can do VIP events for fans who hold your tokens. Provide NFTs for your fans to purchase with your tokens and offer discounts on your merch that will not only benefit your fans but also you as well. To find out how, reach out to us and let us show you how we can potentially increase your bottom line.


The entertainment world is a tough one to live in. Everyone is in the business of standing out and fighting for a piece of the limelight. When you have your own cryptocurrency token you are definitely making a splash. How many entertainers can say they have a token with their name on it? How about giving your fans the ability to purchase or be gifted an NFT token which looks like the work of art that is you? There's more we can offer. Give us a call and lets meet so we can let some limelight shine on your brand.


The Influencer market is growing daily which means more Influencers competing for views. For those who have thousands of followers, maintaining them can be difficult. Content can sometimes be hard to come by. Owning your own cryptocurrency token can give you an edge by helping you extend and maintain your brand. This can be done by offering discounts for your merch, giving out your tokens as rewards, and doing VIP events for those who hold your tokens. There are so many possibilities. Contact us and let's grow that brand of yours.